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personalised glass splashback

Bored with plain-coloured glass splashbacks? Now you can turn your kitchen wall into a giant canvas by having personalised designs printed onto your glass splashback. The result is stunning. (Image by:







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mosaic tile

Mosaic tiles (Image by: Sean aka "glida" @

Kitchen splashbacks should not only be attractive but also easy to clean.

Make sure the splashback behind the cooktop can resist the constant heat and steam generated from cooking.

Tile splashbacks are still a popular choice due to the great range of choice in designs and colours to suit any style of kitchens.

metallic tiel

Metallic tiles match well with the stainless steel rangehood and add texture to the wall. (Image By: "forpj"@


slate tile

Texture on slate tile splashback creates an exciting contrast with the sleek stainless steel shelf and appliances. (Image by: polly aka "Pollyq" @


mosaic tile splashback

The earthy brown mosaic tile splashback with brown granite benchtops and dark brown timber doors complete the earthy colour scheme in this kitchen.


colorful mosaic tiles

Bold wall colour and colourful mosaic splashback create a nice contrast with simple white cupboards. ( Image by David aka "loach1" @


country style splashback

Rustic ceramic tiles in a country style kitchen.


birch beige tile splashback

Birch doors and beige horizontal tiles blend in perfectly. (Image by: Joanne Wright aka "jwright" @


tiled breakfast bar

Tiles can also be used on other surfaces such as breakfast bars to create a feature in a kitchen. (Image by: D.Dodee Atwailee)


Stainless steel splashbacks are durable and can withstand high temperatures, making it ideal to be used behind cooktops/ hobs. You can use stainless steel splashbacks sparingly with other splashback materials.

stainless steel spalshback

A continuous stainless steel splashback along the counter creates a simple minimalist design in the kitchen.


miele rangehood

A full height stainless steel splashback and stainless steel drawers combined to create a designated cooking area in the kitchen.


Stainless steel splashbacks can also come in other finishes apart from the commonly used smooth satin finish. Stainless steel spalshbacks with special texures and patterns not only add interest to a kitchen but also seem to hide scratches better than a plain smooth splashback.

textured stainless steel splashback / back splash

Stainless steel splashback with a special texture. (Image by:


Glass splashbacks are becoming very popular these days because of its simple design and ease to clean. Glass splashbacks can be painted in almost any colour to suit your decor. You can even use clear glass splashbacks to display and protect your favourite wall paper from dirt and grease in your kitchen.

purple glass splashback

A purple coloured glass splashback behind rangehood. (Image by: Maxine Sheppard)


glass white splashback

Light-coloured glass splashback brightens up a small kitchen.


pre cut splashback

Tempered glass splashback panels are used here to protect timber splashbacks from moisture and heat. (image by: Ivan aka "imikla" @


wall paper splashback

A frosted glass splashback behind cooker protects the beautiful wall paper. (Image by Stine Weirsøe)


You can use the same material for both benchtops and splashbacks to create a continuous colour scheme from vertical to horizontal surfaces.

granite splashback

Granite splashback and benchtop.


black caesar stone engineered quartz man made stone benchtop counter top splashback back splash

Engineered quartz stone splashback and benchtop are durable and easy to maintain.


colourful laminate splashback

Laminate comes in a variety of colours and designs and is perfect for creating eye-catching splashbacks, just make sure it can withstand the heat generated from hotplates.




Kitchen flooring should be easy to clean and safe to walk on. Timber flooring provides a warm atmosphere and is ideal for a kitchen if sealed properly. Timber flooring can also be sanded back if required.

timber floor

Dark timber floorboards.


stained timber floor

Stained timber floorboards continue from floor to kickboards. (Image by: "lipstickface" @


large L shaped oak timber wooden kitchen with timber floor board ikea

Timber flooring is a perfect choice for traditional timber kitchens to create a warm, classic timeless atmosphere.


Laminate flooring is easy to lay and durable. It requires less maintenance than timber and never needs resanding. Always wipe off any spillage to avoid liquid seeping through the joints or you can choose one that is highly resistant to moisture.

laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is easy to lay and economical.


An alternative to timber flooring is bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring is harder than many timber floorboards and grows at a faster rate than timber does, making it more environmentally friendly than timber.

bamboo flooring

Bamboo floorboards. (Image by: Rod Randle aka "pixelfan" @


Vinyl flooring is easy to clean and comfortable to walk on. It has good insulation properties and comes in either sheets or tiles, making it easy to lay.

rubber flooring

Vinyl flooring is comfortable to walk on.


Tiles remain a popular choice for kitchen flooring because they are hard-wearing and come in a variety of colours and designs to suit any kitchen designs. Ceramic tiles are commonly used in kitchens but other tiles such as slate and stone are also used in kitchens.

ceramic tile floor

Ceramic tiles are hard-wearing.


traditional country rustic style kitchen ceramic floor checkered tile

Black and white checkered floor tiles are suitable for either country style kitchens or contemporary kitchens.


Other flooring options include linoleum, polished concrete, cork, etc. The choice is endless.

concrete floor

Concrete flooring gives an industrial feel to the kitchen. (Image by: "Spatgirl" @







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